Regular visitors to my website and readers of my blog will notice that there is an announcement at the top of the site to notify the arival of new Easter products. 

I wrote this message in February when of course it was applicable to my business as new Easter products were indeed being introduced for sale. As that occasion has now passed I have tried to edit the content of the announcement to something more relevant  (which is usually very straight forward and not a complex matter) unfortunately I have been unable to either edit or remove the now irrelevant content.

I have been trying with no avail to get assistance and support from the company that hosts my site to resolve whatever issue is going on with the software script and have asked them to remove the announcement for me. In spite of their promises over a number of weeks to look into it absolutely nothing has been done to resolve the matter.

I will therefore be sourcing a new web host and setting up a new website in due course. However as this is something that will require time and dedication to produce something equally beautiful to showcase my work, this platform and site will remain active until I have had chance to prepare and publish the new website. 

Thank you for taking the time to read, for your kind understanding,  and for your continued custom and interest.

With Very Best Wishes