Spring is in the Air

What better time to start a new blog than with the arrival of Spring!

Here in Somerset we have had our first few sunny days and it has been such a joy to look out of the window while painting the decorations to see the birds in the garden enjoying the warmth of the sun and gathering twigs and leaves as they begin building their nests.

I no longer need to set a morning alarm as I am now woken by their singing and chattering in the trees outside my bedroom window generally starting at around 4 am! 

First the Wren, then Finches, Starlings, Blackbirds, and Robins join the chorus and I know it is time to arise and put the trusty kettle on... there is something so reassuring about their song and presence and I know I must introduce more insect friendly plants to my garden to help slow down the decline of our beloved avian populations - I moved house quite recently so have a somewhat blank canvas in which to plant so shall be researching and including some suitable plants.

Working in the sunshine also heralds a change in my palette. In February while exhibiting at the local Snowdrop Festivals I introduced bright and zesty greens - a much needed welcome pop of colour after the longer cold days of January.  Now as March is well underway and Easter around the corner I am giving the ever popular Hare and Bird decorations a Spring refresh with splashes of creamy white, soft powder blue, and inky indigo highlights. 

One of the things I love about hand painting the decorations is watching the character of each one come to life as the colour is applied - it is just so nice to know that each one will be unique.

picture of hand painted laser cut wooden birds with blue and white paint effect

A hand painted wooden laser cut Hare easter decoration in a blue and white palette with a daisy flower

a picture of hand painted wooden hares ina blue and white colour palette on a natural linen background with daisies

I do hope you like these Spring editions as I much as I have enjoyed painting them!